Origen (American University Studies)

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9780820402130: Origen (American University Studies)

This book is a comprehensive critical reading of the extant works of Origen (A.D. 185-254) whose concept of man, and ascetic and mystical views, influenced the thought of many subsequent thinkers, both Eastern and occidental. It presents and analyzes the main aspects of Origen's thought as found in his extant writings--the known Greek texts and fragments and Latin versions or translations where they support the known Greek texts. In addition, the study examines Origen's views within the framework of the times in which he wrote. It does not attempt to discuss in detail or debate the controversies which continue to be waged over certain of his doctrines, but attempts rather to present a critical and impartial interpretation of Origin's works.

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«...Her descriptions of Origen's anthropology, cosmology, and trinitarian doctrine are masterful, particularly his understanding of the soul and the resurrection of the body. The exposition of the complex contents of the contra Celsum is one of the best I have seen...I would certainly recommend this book as a useful beginning study for college and divinity students approaching Origen for the first time.» (Peter J. Gorday, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Atlanta, Georgia)
«...the analyses of the De Principiis and the Contra Celsum are detailed and well done...the author is quite conversant with past and current literature on the Alexandrian. Her notes make this clear, as does her useful bibliography... The book is a sympathetic and satisfactory introduction to the study of the great Alexandrain... it is beautifully printed and bound...» (Denis Hines, The Colorado College)
«This book will prove valuable for undergraduates desiring a comprehensive overview of the thought of an influential Greek theologian.» (Karen Jo Torjesen, Ancient Philosophy)

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