E. Goldstein Cognitive Psychology

ISBN 13: 9780840033567

Cognitive Psychology

9780840033567: Cognitive Psychology

Connecting the study of cognition to everyday life in an unprecedented way, Bruce Goldstein's COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY gives equal treatment to both the landmark studies and the cutting-edge research that define this fascinating field. The text employs a wealth of concrete examples and illustrations that will help students understand the theories of cognition -- driving home both the scientific importance of the theories and their relevance to students' daily lives. Students will leave this text with a true understanding of the "behind the scenes" activity that happens in the mind when humans do such seemingly simple activities as perceiving, remembering, or thinking. Goldstein's coverage also focuses on the behavioral and physiological approaches to cognition by including physiological materials in every chapter. To help students further experiment with the concepts discussed in the text, free pincode access to the COGLAB Online, a cognitive psychology laboratory, is packaged automatically with every new copy of the text along with the "Concept Maps with CogLab Online Manual". The manual includes 60 "Concept Maps," which present the major concepts in the text, using a visual organization that will help students remember the material and the CogLab Student Manual.

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"The primary strength of the book is that both within and across chapters the author has done a very nice job of starting with foundational topics/concepts and building in a very coherent fashion to broader and higher level conceptualizations .There is a nice balance between classic and contemporary coverage of cognitive-behavioral and physiological approaches. There is in most all cases a very nice balance between experiment, theory, and everyday life. I particularly like that the author takes the time to explain the weaknesses of any particular theory in a way that allows the student to understand not just how the particular theory is weak but also allows critical transfer to evaluation of other theories." "The principle strength of the text is both its organization and coverage. The authors do a very nice job of building from basic to complex in a way that students will easily be able to manage."

About the Author:

After receiving his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Tufts University and his Ph. D. in experimental psychology from Brown University, E. Bruce Goldstein attended Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow in the biology department. Currently in the department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is the director of undergraduate programs in psychology, Dr. Goldstein has received many prestigious awards, including the Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, for his classroom teaching and his publications. These publications cover a wide variety of topics, such as retinal and cortical physiology, visual attention, and the perception of pictures. Dr. Goldstein is also the author of SENSATION AND PERCEPTION, 8th Edition (Wadsworth, 2010) and has edited the BLACKWELL HANDBOOK OF PERCEPTION (Blackwell, 2001). Goldstein currently teaches cognitive psychology, sensation and perception, the psychology of visual art (undergraduate), and teaching of psychology (graduate).

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