Robert T. Jones Bobby Jones on Golf

ISBN 13: 9780848813918

Bobby Jones on Golf

9780848813918: Bobby Jones on Golf

A player who never turned pro but held one or more major titles every year of his 15-season competitive career, Bobby Jones was the most famous amateur golfer ever to play the game. In the 20 years since his death, America has witnessed an explosion of enthusiasm for golf. Now comes a reissue of Jones' classic instructional, out of print and unavailable for two decades. Line drawings.

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Here's the bad news: "Golf," suggests the great Bobby Jones, the largest shadow ever cast on a fairway, "is the one game which becomes more and more difficult the longer one plays it." Here's the good news: If his classic instructional can't change the diagnosis, it may at least ease the pain. Written by the master himself--no ghost ever stepped between Jones and his ball--as a series of twice-weekly newspaper columns between 1927 and 1935, the collection of tips and ideas moves from the simple ("Nobody ever swung a golf club too slowly") to the complex ("The art of appraising slope and speed--that is, of reading a green, can be derived only from experience"), the physical to the mental, the obvious to the arcane, and is penned with an elegance as smooth and fluid as Jones' liquid swing. Some of it, especially to golf's newcomers, will seem out of date--the game has changed much through the years--but that's OK; this is a book to savor as much as learn from. It's biggest drawback is its lack of illustrations, but the recent uncovering of a cache of unpublished photographs and tips--available in Jones' Classic Instruction--repairs that divot. Indeed, taken together, Jones' On Golf and Classic Instruction should cure several Royal and Ancient disorders. --Jeff Silverman

From the Publisher:

By the best amateur golfer ever to play the game, this is essential instructional reading for the millions who have taken up golf during the 20 years this marvelous, timeless book has been out of print and unavailable.

B & W line drawings.

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