The Biomedical Engineering Handbook

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9780849383465: The Biomedical Engineering Handbook

The Biomedical Engineering Handbook contains comprehensive information on every aspect of biomedical engineering. This singular text reflects the current perception of the field, encompassing emerging and expanding disciplines of investigation and application. It includes a complete review of the major physiological systems and presents current and accepted practices involving bioelectric phenomena, biomechanics, biomaterials, biosensors, biomedical signal analysis, imaging, medical instruments and devices, biological effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields, biotechnology, tissue engineering, prostheses and artificial organs, rehabilitation engineering, human performance engineering, physiological modeling, clinical engineering, medical informatics, and artificial intelligence.
The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, an indispensable source of information about the design, developments, and use of medical technology to diagnose and treat patients, serves engineers, medical device and instrumentation manufacturers, and biomedical engineering faculty members and academic departments.
Edited by one of the pioneers and leaders in biomedical engineering research, education, and bioethics, The Biomedical Engineering Handbook features:

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(Section Heads)
Physiologic Systems, Robert Plonsey, Section Editor
Introduction to Physiological Systems, R. Plonsey
An Outline of Cardiovascular Structure and Function, D.J. Schneck
Endocrine System, D.G. Cramp and E.R. Carson
Nervous System, E. Micheli-Tzanakou
Visual System, G. Stetten
Auditory System, B.M. Clopton and F.A. Spelman
Gastrointestinal System, B. Bardakjian
Respiratory System, J.D. Bronzino and A.T. Johnson
Historical Perspectives: Cardiac Pacing - Historical Highlights, L.A. Geddes
Bioelectric Phenomena, Craig S. Henriquez, Section Editor
Introduction, C.S. Henriquez
Basic Electrophysiology, R.C. Barr
Volume Conductor Theory, R. Plonsey
The Electrical Properties of Tissues, B.J. Roth
Membrane Models, A. Varghese
Numerical Methods for Bioelectric Field Problems, C.J. Johnson
Principles of Electrocardiography, E.J. Berbari
Principles of Electromyography, K.-A. Henneberg
Principles of Electroencephalography, J.D. Bronzino
Biomagnetism, J. Malmivuo
Electric Stimulation of Excitable Tissue, D.M. Durand
Biomechanics, Daniel J. Schneck, Section Editor
Introduction, D.J. Schneck
Mechanics: Basic Concepts, S.L. Hendricks
Constitutive Modeling of Biological Materials, J. Vossoughi
Mechanics of Hard Tissue, J.L. Katz
Mechanics of Blood Vessels, T.R. Canfield and Philip B. Dobrin
Joint-Articulating Surface Motion, K. Kaufman and K.-N. An
Joint Lubrication, M.J. Furey
Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Mechanics, R.L. Lieber and T.J. Burkholder
Mechanics of the Head/Neck, D. Viano and A.I. King
Mechanics of the Chest and Abdomen Impact, A.I. King and D. Viano
Analysis of Gait, R.B. Davis, P.A. DeLuca, and S. 'unpuu
Exercise Physiology, A.T. Johnson and C.R. Dooly
Factors Affecting Mechanical Work in Humans, A.T. Johnson and B.F. Hurley
Mathematical Models of Human Response to Acceleration, K.H. Diggs
Cardiac Biodynamics, A. McCulloch
Mechanics of Heart Valves, A.P. Yoganathan, J. Hopmeyer, and R.S. Heinrich
Arterial Macrocirculatory Hemodynamics, R.E. Mates
Mechanics and Transport in the Microcirculation, A.S. Popel and R.N. Pittman
Mechanics and Deformability of Hematocytes, R. Waugh and R.M. Hochmuth
The Venous System, A. Shoukas and C.F. Rothe
Mechanics of Tissue/Lymphatic Transport, A.R. Hargens and J. L. Villavicencio
Cochlear Mechanics, C.R. Steele, G.J. Baker, J.A. Tolomeo, and D.E. Zetes
Vestibular Mechanics, W. Grant
Biomaterials, Joon B. Park, Section Editor
Introduction, J.B. Park
Metallic Biomaterials, J.B. Park
Ceramic Biomaterials, P.K. Bajpai and W. Billotte
Polymeric Biomaterials, H.B. Lee, S.S. Kim, and G. Khang
Composite Biomaterials, R. Lakes
Biodegradable Polymeric Biomaterials: An Overview, C.-C. Chu
Biologic Biomaterials: Tissue-Derived Biomaterials (Collagen), S.-T. Li
Soft Tissue Replacements: Blood Interfacing Implants, K.B. Chandran
Non-Blood-Interfacing Implants, S.W. Shalaby
Hard Tissue Replacements: Bone Repair and Joint Implants, S.-H. Park, A. Llinas, and V.K. Goel
Dental Implants, J.C. Keller
Orthopedic Prostheses Fixation, J.B. Park
Biomedical Sensors, Michael R. Neuman, Section Editor
Introduction, M.R. Neuman
Physical Measurements, M.R. Neuman
Biopotential Electrodes, M.R. Neuman
Electrochemical Sensors, C.-C. Liu
Optical Sensors, Y. Mendelson
Bioanalytic Sensors, R.P. Buck
Historical Perspectives: The Electrocardiograph, L.A. Geddes
Biomedical Signal Analysis, Banu Onaral, Section Editor
Introduction, B. Onaral
Biomedical Signals: Origin and Dynamical Characteristics; Frequency Domain Analysis, A. Cohen
Digital Biomedical Signal Acquisition and Processing, L.T. Mainardi, A.M. Bianchi, and S. Cerutti
Compression of Digital Biomedical Signals, A.E. Çetin and H. Köyman
Time-Frequency Signal Representations for Biomedical Signals, G.F. Boudreaux-Bartels and R. Murray
Wavelet (Time-Scale) Analysis in Biomedical Signal Processing, N.V. Thakor and D. Sherman
Higher-Order Spectra in Biomedical Signal Processing, A.P. Petropulu
Neural Networks in Biomedical Signal Processing, E. Micheli-Tzanakou
Complexity, Scaling, and Fractals in Biomedical Signals, B. Onaral and J.P. Cammarota
Future Directions: Biomedical Signal Processing and Networked Multimedia Communications, B. Onaral
Imaging, Karen M. Mudry, Section Editor
Introduction, K.M. Mudry
X-Ray: X-Ray Equipment, R. Shroy; X-Ray Projection Angiography, M. Van Lysel; Mammography, M. Yaffee
Computed Tomography: Instrumentation, I.A. Cunningham; Reconstruction Principles, P. Judy
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Acquisition and Processing, S. Conolly, A. Macovski, and J. Pauly; Hardware/Instrumentation, J. Schenck; Functional MRI, K.K. Kwong and D.A. Chesler; Chemical-Shift Imaging, X. Hu, W. Chen, M. Patel, and K. Ugurbil
Nuclear Medicine: Instrumentation, B.Y. Croft; SPECT, B.M.W. Tsui
Ultrasound: Transducers, R.L. Goldberg and S.W. Smith; Ultrasonic Imaging, J.G. Motley; Blood Flow Measurement Using Ultrasound, K.W. Ferrara
Magnetic Resonance Microscopy, X. Zhou and G. A. Johnson
Positron Emission Tomography (PET): Radiopharmaceuticals, T.F. Budinger and H.F. VanBrocklin; Instrumentation, T.F. Budinger
Electrical Impedance Tomography, D.C. Barber
Medical Applications of Virtual Reality Technology, W.J. Greenleaf
Medical Instruments and Devices, Wolf W. von Maltzahn, Section Editor
Introduction, W.W. von Maltzahn
Biopotential Amplifiers, J.H. Nagel
Noninvasive Assessment of Arterial Blood Pressure and Mechanics, G. Drzewiecki
Cardiac Output Measurement, L.A. Geddes
Bioelectric Impedance Measurements, R. Patterson
Respiration, L.A. Geddes
Clinical Laboratory: Separation and Spectral Methods, R. Roa
Clinical Laboratory: Nonspectral Methods and Automation, R.L. Roa
Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers, M. Forde and P. Ridgely
Implantable Stimulators for Neuromuscular Control, P.H. Peckham and B. Smith
External Defibrillators, W.A. Tacker
Implantable Defibrillators, E. Duffin
Electrosurgical Devices, W.W. von Maltzahn and J.L. Eggleston
Mechanical Ventilation, K. Behhehani
Parenteral Infusion Devices, G.I. Voss and R.D. Butterfield
Anesthesia Delivery Systems, A.W. Paulsen
Biomedical Lasers, M.M. Judy
Noninvasive Optical Monitoring, R. Flewelling
Medical Instruments and Devices Used in the Home, B.R. Bowman and E. Schuck
Historical Perspectives: Recording of Action Potentials, L.A. Geddes
Biological Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields, Charles Polk, Section Editor
Introduction, C. Polk
Dielectric Properties of Tissues, K.R. Foster
Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields: Dosimetry, Cellular, and Animal Effects, M.A. Stuchly
Therapeutic Applications of Low-Frequency Sinusoidal and Pulsed Electrical and Magnetic Fields, C. Polk
Biologic Effects of Radio Frequency and Microwave Fields: In Vivo and In Vitro Experimental Results, E. Elson
Radiofrequency Hyperthermia in Cancer Therapy, C.K. Chou
Electroporation of Cells and Tissues, J.C. Weaver
Biotechnology, Martin L. Yarmush, Section Editor
Introduction, M.L. Yarmush
Protein Engineering, A.J. Russell and C. Vieheller
Monoclonal Antibodies and Their Engineered Fragments, S. Sundaram and D. Yarmush
Antisense Technology, J. LeDoux, J. Morgan, and M. Yarmush
Tools for Genome Analysis, R. Kaiser
Vaccine Production, J. Aunins, A. Lee, and D. Volkin
Gene Therapy, J.M. LeDoux, J.R. Morgan, and M.L. Yarmush
Cell Engineering, D.A. Lauffenburger
Metabolic Engineering, C. Zupke
Tissue Engineering, F. Berthiaume and M.L. Yamush
Preservation Techniques for Biomaterials, R. Coger and M. Toner
Tissue Engineering, Bernhard Ø. Palsson and Jeffrey A. Hubbell, Section Editors
Introduction, B.Ø. Palsson and J.A. Hubbell
Surface Immobilization of Adhesion Ligands for Investigations of Cell/Substrate Interactions, P.D. Drumheller and J.A. Hubbell
Biomaterials: Protein-Surface Interactions, J.A. Chinn
Engineering Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering: The 10-100 Micron Size Scale, D. Mooney and R.S. Langer
Regeneration Templates, I.V. Yannis
Fluid Shear Stress Effects on Cellular Function, C.W. Patrick, Jr., R. Sampath, and L.V. McIntire
The Roles of Mass Transfer in Tissue Function, E.N. Lightfoot
The Biology of Stem Cells, C.T. Jordan and G. Van Zant
Cell Motility and Tissue Architecture, G.A. Dunn
Tissue Microenvironments, M.W. Long
The Importance of Stromal Cells, B.A. Naughton
Tissue Engineering of Bone Marrow, M.R. Koller and B.Ø. Palsson
Tissue Engineering of the Liver, T.H. Kim and J.P. Vacanti
Tissue Engineering in the Nervous System, R. Bellamkonda and P. Aebischer
Tissue Engineering of Skeletal Muscle, S. Brooks, N.M. Cole, and J.A. Faulkner
Tissue Engineering of Cartilage, L.E. Freed and G. Vunjak-Novakovic
Tissue Engineering of the Kidney, H.D. Humes
Prostheses and Artificial Organs, Pierre M. Galletti, Section Editor
Introduction, P.M. Galletti
Artificial Heart and Circulatory Assist Devices, G. Rosenberg
Cardiac Valve Prostheses, A.P. Yoganathan
Vascular Grafts, D.N. Ku and R.C. Allen
Artificial Lungs and Blood-Gas Exchanger Devices, P.M. Galletti and C.K. Colton
Artificial Kidney, P.M. Galletti, C.K. Colton, and M.J. Lysaght
Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment, M.J. Lysaght and J. Moran
Therapeutic Apheresis and Blood Fractionation, A.L. Zydney
Liver Support Systems, P.M. Galletti and H.O. Jauregui
Artificial Pancreas, P.M. Galletti, C.K. Colton, M. Jaffrin, and G. Reach
Nerve Guidance Channels, R.F. Valentini
Tracheal, Laryngeal, and Esophageal Replacement Devices, Y. Shimizu and T. Nakamura
Artificial Blood, M. Intaglietta and R.M. Winslow
Artificial Skin and Dermal Equivalents, I.V. Yannis
Rehabilitation Engineering, Charles J. Robinson, Section Editor
Introduction, C.J. Robinson
Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology, C.J. Robinson
Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics in Rehabilitation, M. Lord and A. Turner-Smith
Wheeled Mobility: Wheelchairs and Personal Transportation, R.A. Cooper
Externally Powered and Controlled Orthotics and Prostratics, D.B. Popovic
Sensory Augmentation and Substitution, K.A. Kacsmaret
Augmentative Communication/Control/Computer Access, B. Romich and G. Vanderheiden
Measurement Tools and Process in Rehabilitation Engineering, G.V. Kondraske
Rehabilitation Engineering Technologies: Principles of Application, D. Hobson and E. Trefler
Historical Perspectives: The Electromyograph, L.A. Geddes
Human Performance Engineering, George V. Kondraske, Section Editor
Introduction, G.V. Kondraske
A Working Model for Human System - Task Interfaces, G.V. Kondraske
Measurement of Neuromuscular Performance Capacities, S.S. Smith
Measurement of Sensory-Motor Control Performance Capacities, R.D. Jones
Measurement of Information-Processing Performance Capacities, G.V. Kondraske and P.J. Vasta
High-Level Task Analysis: Mental Components, K.J. Maxwell
Task Analysis and Decomposition: Physical Components, S.N. Imrhan
Human-Computer Interface Design Issues, K.J. Maxwell
Applications of Human Performance Measurements to Clinical Trials to Determine Therapy Effectiveness and Safety, P.J.H. Beehler and K. Syndulko
Applications in Rehabilitation Engineering, M. Strauss and J. Gunderson
Applications of Quantitative Assessment of Human Performance in Occupational Medicine, M. Parniannpour
Design of Respiratory Masks to Improve Human Performance, A.T. Johnson and C.R. Dooly
Human Performance Engineering: Computer-Based Design and Analysis Tools, P.J. Vasta and G.V. Kondraske
Human Performance Engineering: Challenges and Prospects for the Future, G. Kondraske
Physiologic Modeling, Simulation, and Control, Howard Jay Chizeck, Section Editor
Introduction, H.J. Chizeck
Modeling Strategies in Physiology, J.L. Palladino, A. Noordergraaf, and G. Drzewiecki
Compartment Models for Physiologic Systems, C. Cobelli and M.P. Saccomani
Cardiovascular Models and Control, W. D. Timmons
Respiratory Models and Control, C.-S. Poon
Neural Networks for Physiologic Control, J.J. Abbas
Methods and Tools for Identification of Physiologic Systems, V.Z. Marmarelis
Clinical Care of Patients with Closed-Loop Drug Delivery Systems, E.A. Woodruff
Control of Movement, D.B. Popovic
The Fast Eye Movement Control System, J.D. Enderle
Clinical Engineering, Yadin David, Section Editor
Introduction, Y. David
Clinical Engineering: Evolution of a Discipline, J.D. Bronzino
Management and Assessment of Medical Technology, Y. David and T.M. Judd
Risk Factors, Safety, and Management of Medical Equipment, M.L. Gullikson
Career Opportunities for Clinical Engineering, W.A. Morse
Clinical Engineers as Innovators and Product Developers, P.A. Oberg
Clinical Engineering Program Indicators, D.D. Autio and R.L. Morris
Quality Improvement and Team Building, J.P. McClain
Clinical Engineering: Coordinated Services, J.O. Rowan
A Standards Primer for Clinical Engineers, A. Wald
Regulatory and Assessment Agencies, M.E. Bruley and V.H. Coats
Clinical Engineering Issues in Developing Countries, H.O. Al-Fadel
Medical Informatics, Luis G. Kun, Section Editor
Introduction, L.G. Kun
Hospital Information Systems: Their Function and State, T.A. Pryor
Computer-Based Patient Records, J.M. Fitzmaurice
Informatics and Clinical Imaging, M.H. Loew
Computer Networks in Health Care, S. Sengupta
Overview of Standards Related to the Emerging Health Care Information Infrastructure, J.S. Blair
Non-AI Decision Making, R. Summers and E.R. Carson
Design Issues in Developing Clinical Decision Support and Monitoring Systems, J.N. Goethe and J.D. Bronzino
Artificial Intelligence, Stanley Finkelstein, Section Editor
Introduction, S.M. Finkelstein
History and Development of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Medical Decision Making, C.A. Kulikowski
Artificial Neural Networks: Definitions, Methods, Applications, D.A. Zanher and E. Micheli-Tzanakou
Clinical Decision Systems, P. Nykänen and N. Saranummi
Expert Systems: Methods and Tools, R. Summers and E.R. Carson
Knowledge Acquisition and Representation, C. Garbay
Knowledge-Based Systems for Intelligent Patient Monitoring and Management in Critical Care Environments, B.M. Dawant
Medical Terminology and Diagnosis Using Knowledge Bases, P.L.M. Kerkhof
Natural Language Processing in Biomedicine, S.B. Johnson
Historical Perspectives: Electroencephalography, L.A. Geddes
Regulations and Organizations, Joseph D. Bronzino, Section Editor
The Role of Professional Societies in Biomedical Engineering, S. Laxminarayan, J.D. Bronzino, J.E.W. Beneken, S. Usai, and R.D. Jones
Health Technology Assessment: The Evidentiary Base of Medical Practice, T.V. Holohan
Regulation of Biomaterials and Medical Devices, E.P. Mueller, A. Ciarkowski, and K. McDermott

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