Getting to Know William Booth of The Salvation Army: Teachers' Book

9780854127375: Getting to Know William Booth of The Salvation Army: Teachers' Book

"Getting to Know William Booth of The Salvation Army" is a beautifully illustrated children's book in which KT and Sam, two fun-loving cartoon characters, transport young readers back to a time when, for many people, housing was poor, medicine was scarce and there was little money to buy food. William Booth saw this poverty all around him and did something about it. Ideal for use in the junior classroom, this fast and furious biography provides a cross-curricular resource supporting aspects of primary history and R.E. Elements of the Literacy Hour are also promoted with Time for Action activities encouraging the reader to use the accompanying pupil book. The pupil books are a valuable teacher resource for working with small groups of children as well as being enjoyable individual activity books. The highly interactive content of the book includes Speedy Specifics - giving nuggets of information about Booth, his family and the people he met - while quizzes and Fake or Fact questions enable children to test their knowledge and discover how, from helping one person, Booth and his Salvation Army went on to help millions of people all over the world.

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