The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising

9780863561658: The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising

'The people want...': So began the slogans chanted by millions of protesters across the Arab world in 2011, as their long-suppressed craving for democracy revealed itself. But huge social and economic problems were also laid bare by the protestors' demands, signalling the beginning of a long and complex revolutionary process.

In this landmark work, noted Middle East specialist Gilbert Achcar analyses the socio-economic features that hinder the region's development, as well as the social and political dynamics of the uprisings, and sheds light on the various movements that use Islam as a political banner and their historical connections with the oil monarchies.

This updated edition includes a new chapter assessing the key developments that have unfolded since 2013.

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'One of the best analysts of the contemporary Arab world' Le Monde

'The first book to locate the Arab uprisings within a broad historical sweep' Jadaliyya

'A detailed and searching account' Malise Ruthven, New York Review of Books

'Achcar's balance sheet of what has been achieved, as well as his assessment of future prospects in each country, is indispensable' Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

'The most careful, insightful and erudite study to date' Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

'A thoughtful and acute analysis ... Insightful, thought-provoking and compelling ... Any reader who would like a clear-eyed, theoretically grounded and lucid assessment of what the Arab uprisings have wrought so far would benefit from Gilbert Achcar's The People Want The Middle East in London

'The People Want provides not only a definitive and comprehensive overview of the uprisings but also, and more importantly, identifies the socio-economic dynamics that led to their eruption ... An in-depth and critical reading of the Arab uprisings that will undoubtedly enrich Middle Eastern Studies libraries' --Bustan: The Middle East Book Review

'[This] important book makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the revolutions of 2011 in the Arab world ... mobilising an impressive range of comparative data, [it] represents the most significant attempt yet to grapple with the theoretical challenges of analysing this immense popular uprising from a Marxist perspective ... Very valuable' --International Socialism

'Provides great insight into the current situation in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain and Syria ... [The People Want] offers a valuable, in-depth and original perspective for evaluating the popular revolts which continue to determine events in the Arab region' --Jordan Times

About the Author:

Gilbert Achcar is Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He has written extensively on politics and development economics, as well as social change and social theory. His other works include the critically acclaimed The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab Israeli War of Narratives, The Clash of Barbarisms: The Making of the New World Disorder and, with Noam Chomsky, Perilous Power: The Middle East and US Foreign Policy.

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