Fired Up or Calming Down Game Primary

9780863887116: Fired Up or Calming Down Game Primary

Game to teach young people how to manage their anger. This fun and lively game allows players to explore: their anger triggers; the physiological responses in their bodies; and the way that getting angry often leads to negative behaviour. The children work their way through situations related to managing anger which allows them to move up or down the board, and some squares require them to answer questions about themselves, their experiences and their perceptions. Up to 6 players.

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About the Author:

Susie Davis has worked within the education system for 17 years both as an Education Welfare Officer and within a local authority behaviour support team and pupil referral unit. During this time she has built up a great deal of experience of working with and supporting students with behaviour and attendance difficulties, working with teachers on how to manage the challenges these students often bring to their lessons, and working in partnership with parents and other agencies to support their inclusion in school. Susie has devised a series of emotional literacy resources, most of which are specifically aimed at students at risk of exclusion from secondary school. After many years of working for a local authority Susie is now employed at Bradley Stoke Community School in South Gloucestershire as the Inclusion Team Leader.


Reviews 'I have used this game as a session in anger management group work. This game was fantastic. The skills cards gave ample opportunity to discuss issues that were familiar to the students. The game offered a welcome change for them to offer advice and strategies to each other' Lorraine Wiltshire, Inclusion Mentor, Behaviour Support Team 'What a fabuloous game Fired Up and Calming Down is. It is by far the best game we have and we can see many uses both with individual children and with groups' Support Plus Worker, Multi Agency Team, Bridgnorth

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