Defending the Earth: A Dialogue Between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman

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9780896083837: Defending the Earth: A Dialogue Between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman

Defending the Earth brings together two of the main protagonists in the heated deep vs. social ecology debate: eco-philosopher Murray Bookchin and Earth First! founder Dave Foreman. Bookchin and Foreman seek common ground and cooperatively explore their differing, though often overlapping, perspectives on a wide variety of issues.

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From Publishers Weekly:

Bookchin and Foreman are the primary avatars of the two major schools of thought in the radical wing of the environmental movement, "social ecology" and "deep ecology," respectively. The former includes human needs in its larger visionp. 21 ; the latter argues for the intrinsic value of nature, claiming that "social" ecology defends "the creation of an instrumentalized world and its exploitation." As quickly becomes clear from the book, which is primarily the transcript of a public discussion between Bookchin and Foreman organized in November 1989 by New York City's Learning Alliance, this summation does injustice to the complexities of the arguments (particularly Bookchin's). Bookchin emerges as the more articulate debater, holding forth convincingly for a libertarian politics that would lead to a movement "neither anthropocentric nor misanthropic," in opposition to "deep" ecology positions that are "potentially . . . anti-social and anti-human." Regrettably, this volume has a bit too much "committed preaching to the converted" to be useful as a handbook for the newcomer to this debate, but for those already involved in the radical ecology movement it should fuel some arguments. Chase is a member of the South End Press collective.
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From Library Journal:

This monograph is the outcome of a 1989 cooperative forum sponsored by the Learning Alliance of New York City between environmental activists Foreman and Bookchin. Foreman is founder of Earth First! and author of Confessions of an Eco-Warrior ( LJ 3/1/91); Bookchin is founder of the Institute for Social Ecology and author of The Ecology of Freedom ( LJ 8/82). Among the issues they discussed were racism in the ecology movement and the influence of institutional forces on the environment. Although both men had been criticized for damaging the radical ecology movement by their unproductive and divisive infighting, the environmental community considered this forum a success because here they both stated their respect for diversity and agreed that there are opportunities for building alliances within the radical ecology movement. Recommended only for large ecology and environmental ethics collections.
- Eva Lautemann, DeKalb Coll. Lib., Clarkston, Ga.
Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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