Did Six Million Really Die?

9780906879955: Did Six Million Really Die?

Fifth full-updated 2011 edition. Shows that German records said there were 4.5 million Jews under Nazi control. There have been 4.3 million "victim" claims since the war; The Auschwitz Camp Museum has confessed that the "gas chamber" shown to tourists is fake; How original German architect plans of Auschwitz show no "gas chambers"; How forensic chemical examination of Auschwitz has disproved the use of Zyklon-B as a homicidal agent; How official Israeli and Polish university archaeological digs at Belzec, Chelmno and Sobibor have failed to find any evidence of "gas chambers"; How the "gas chambers" at Majdanek have glass windows, baths and real water showers; How a delousing chamber at Dachau has been misrepresented as a homicidal gas chamber. Includes for the first time ever, original photographs of a real Zyklon-B pellet insertion mechanism in one of the delousing chambers; How "eyewitness survivor" memoirs, including that of Simon Wiesenthal have been forged; and why the story was made up.

Le informazioni nella sezione "Riassunto" possono far riferimento a edizioni diverse di questo titolo.

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