P.J. Roache Computational fluid dynamics

ISBN 13: 9780913478028

Computational fluid dynamics

9780913478028: Computational fluid dynamics

The successor to the original pioneering text "Computational Fluid Dynamics" (tranlated into Russian, Japanese and Chinese, and cited over 2066 times through 1995)this book covers the history and practice of CFD. Covered are both incompressible and compressible flows (including implicit methods for compressible flows and TVD methods),cartesian and body-fitted grid generation, recommendations on testing and information processing, finite difference vs. finite element methods, direct solvers, multigrid methods, high-order accuracy methods in non-orthogonal grids, the flux-based method of characteristics, solution adaptive methods, semidirect methods, contaminant transport in porous media, Richardson Exptrapolation and other error estimators, and verification and validation. A reviewer stated the book belongs on the bookshelf of every CFD practitioner.

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About the Author:

Patrick J. Roache has been a pioneer is Computational Fluid Dynamics since completing his Ph.D. in 1967. After a research appointment at Sandia Laboratories, he founded a small R&D firm. He has served as visiting and adjunct professor at six universities. He has authored 4 technical books and over 100 technical papers, and worked in aerodynamics, ocean modeling, and environmental performance analysis. He has received awards from two universities and the Knapp Award from ASME. He is a Fellow of ASME, and has served as the Associate Editor for Numerical Methods for the ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering. He chaired the AIAA Fluid Dynamics subcommittee on publication standards for CFD, and serves on several professional committees involved in standards for Verification and Validation; he also teaches a course on this subject for AIAA.

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