Educating Children for Leadership

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9780914695042: Educating Children for Leadership

How does one go about raising children to be future leaders? Can there be fundamental principles to apply that might shape the thinking of a child towards developing the skills and point of view that are critical components of a leader? This book, originally published in 1820 under the title A System of Education for the Infant King of Rome and Other French Princes of the Blood, Drawn Up By The Imperial Council of State, With the Approbation, and Under the Personal Supervision of the Emperor Napoleon, states unequivocally that there is. What makes this work of particular interest is the assertion that this system of education was developed under the auspices of no less than one of the greatest leaders ever to live - Napoleon Bonaparte, the individual generally agreed by historians to be the creator of the modern world as we have come to know it. Rescued from oblivion, there is now a second chance to apply "A System of Education" as a tool for educating new generations of young people for leadership. Guided by these solid principles, young leaders can come to understand what leadership is truly about, can learn why it is important to society, and can study many of the tools that help leaders to lead. Napoleon Bonaparte, 240 years after his birth, remains a truly controversial figure of humanity. But whether one admires or despises the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte, "A System of Education" is still an unparalleled gift to humankind.

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