Birds in Europe (Birdlife Conservation)

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9780946888535: Birds in Europe (Birdlife Conservation)

New review of bird conservation compiled by Ian Burfield and Frans van Bommel

In 1994 BirdLife International published the landmark Birds in Europe: their Conservation Status - the first ever review of the conservation status of all regularly occurring European birds. This book rapidly became a cornerstone of BirdLife's conservation work and is widely used by the European Commission, national governments and NGO's. Fully updated, Birds in Europe: Population Estimates, Trends and Conservation Status covers the European continent from Greenland in the west to the Urals in the east, and from Svalbard in the north to the Canary Islands in the south, including Balkan and Caucasian countries where political instability made data collection impossible in 1994.

Setting a new standard for conservation data, Birds in Europe (1994) was highly praised for the depth and breadth of its research. Monitoring programmes established since then have provided an even higher accuracy and quality of data for Birds in Europe (2004). Full population data is included on all 526 species regularly occurring in Europe. Half a page is devoted to each species, including an illustration, distribution map, population and trends data, status information, and a concise summary of its status across Europe.

What the reviewers said about Birds in Europe (1994):

""This work can only be described as monumental"" British Birds ""Anyone travelling to a European country should use this book to find out what is really happening"" British Birds ""This professionally researched, excellently presented and yet affordable book provides a unique review of the conservation status of European birds"" Biological Conservation ""an astonishing tour de force"" Ibis ""an ornithological bible for any bookshelf..Bird Book of the Year 1995"" Birdwatch ""a veritable goldmine of information on breeding and wintering populations across the continent"" Birdwatch ""Should be compulsory reading for Europe's environment ministers"" New Scientist ""Any serious birder will find this fascinating reading"" New Scientist ""The baseline for the conservation of the birds of Europe"" Birding World '...easily readable information has been crammed into a small space, with which it is possible to get a good general picture of the status of a species in Europe' - Alula. `An invaluable indicator of the health of Europe's birdlife, clearly showing where conservation efforts should be concentrated. The publishers should be congratulated.'Birdwatch`A fascinating browse... well-produced and not expensive, so everyone with a serious interest in the birds of Europe should own a copy.'Birding World`Genuinely continent-wide... a frightening amount of information is packed into each species account, but the layout is clear and you can cut to the chase quickly if you are in a hurry... Deserves a wide audience. Highly recommended.' British Birds

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