Papers 2: Sergison Bates Architects

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9780954237110: Papers 2: Sergison Bates Architects
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This book is a collection of illustrated papers by British architects Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates written between 2002 and 2007.

Writing, like drawing and talking together, supports their collaborative and creative work, providing as it does a tangible reference point for communication and in the search for shared objectives. Although each of the papers included in this volume was written by one of the architects, they acknowledge shared authorship of their content and objective. In the preparation of each paper, the observer acts as a friendly critic to the write, integral to the process and supportive of the exploration of personal and shared experience.

Some of theses papers wrere written as a result of self-imposed discipline, others were prepared as lectures, to support their teaching practice, to highlight a particular theme or encourage a way of looking at something. Others were written as contributions towards symposia, conferences and publications, or in response to invitations to speak publicly about their work. In some cases, a lecture based on notes and images has been subsuquently developed for publication. This results in a rich mix in terms of contet, lenght, structure and character.

The twenty papers are organised thematically and chronologically within each section, addressing reflections on their own position within architectural discourse, on the process of making buildings, on some of the ideas that recur in their work and on aspects of place.

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Table of contents:


         On teaching
         Useful reference
         Meeting Tessenow
         Wickerwork, weaving and the wall effect

         Feeling at home
         Lessons learnt from Alison and Peter Smithson
         Working with appearances
         The essence of things
         Thrift and circumstance

         On order, proportion and grids
         Making impressions
         Ten rooms

         Suburbia: image and reality
         Learning from looking at buildings
         The city of things


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