F-84F/RF-84F Thunderstreak - Thunderflash

9780954390082: F-84F/RF-84F Thunderstreak - Thunderflash

This book by Robert 'Robbie' Robinson is a definitive guide to the Republic Thunderstreak. Written in his well researched style, with background, development and operational duties of the F84 and its variants, the book is fully illustrated with contemporary and archive photographs. Robbie's own excellent detailed artwork and illustrations of the aircraft colour schemes, squadron insignia and especially his crew, cockpit and component detail drawings are outstanding.

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About the Author:

Robert (Robbie) Robinson is a former RAF Serviceman whose lifelong interest in military aviation began as a young man in Cornwall during 1946. Whilst he was at a Battle of Britain display in 1955, Robbie was very impressed by a flypast of USAF Thunderjets. This was an interesting decade for Robbie and in 1959 he was stationed with the RAF in East Anglia. The USAF had most of its airfields here and this enabled Robbie to see various aircraft in many guises with colourful badges and squadron markings and his interest and art work started to grow and develop. Recently he has returned to live in Cornwall and is still very active with his hobby and continues to research the squadron markings and colours.

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