Martin Parsons I'll Take That One Too

ISBN 13: 9780954722951

I'll Take That One Too

9780954722951: I'll Take That One Too

The British evacuation scheme remains a contentious episode in the nation's social history which, although carried out with all the best intentions, has left a legacy of emotional and social fragility on the part of some ex-war children. Drawing on newly released material from many archives around the UK and Northern Ireland, and personal accounts, this book describes the complexity of the war-time evacuation scheme in Britain, through the planning, implementation and post-war phases, and places 'Operation Pied Piper' within the context of other plans to evacuate children across Europe, notably in Germany and Finland. It also examines the importance of the continuity and 'normality' of related issues such BBC Children's Hour and Schools Broadcasts, and at the long-term psychological and sociological effects of childhood separation in times of conflict.

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About the Author:

Dr Martin Parsons is a Research Fellow and Director of the Research Centre for Evacuee and War Child studies (ReSCEW) at the University of Reading. He is also Professor of War Child Studies at the University of Lodz.

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