Nuclear English: Language Skills for a Globalizing Industry

9780955078408: Nuclear English: Language Skills for a Globalizing Industry

Nuclear English is a new course designed for English language learners working in the nuclear industry and in other fields of nuclear science and technology. The textbook is composed of 12 units, each covering a different aspect of the nuclear fuel cycle or a relevant topic such as non-proliferation, safety and the use of radioisotopes in medicine. A technical background is not a requirement for the course; however, learners need to have reached an intermediate level of English. The book offers a flexible approach, allowing learners to: Study the units in any order according to professional need or interest Focus on listening, grammar and pronunciation tasks, which are clearly signposted Work independently or with other students in a classroom The other main features of the course are: An audio CD containing authentic interviews with industry specialists. The course covers various accents, including British, American, Australian, South African and Indian Transcripts of the listening materials A Language Orientation Test, which learners can take at the start of the course to identify their grammar weaknesses Teacher-led exercises for students working in pairs or groups A Glossary of key terms An Answer Key

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