Trading Crude Oil: The Consilience Guide

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9780955083945: Trading Crude Oil: The Consilience Guide

The book seeks to deploy the experience of its authors to meet the needs of the trading community and the much wider audience of professionals in industry, finance and the legal and regulatory sectors who may need an overview or deeper understanding of how trading works in practice. You may need this knowledge to fulfil specific fiduciary or executive responsibilities, or because you simply feel better for knowing how one of the world s largest commodities is bought and sold. The analysis provides a realistic business-like view of oil trading activities from the well-head all the way through the refinery to the end user. It covers upstream pricing for cost recovery, profit share and taxation purposes. The discussion and analysis take the reader down the supply chain through pipelines, ships, storage and into the hands of refiners, explaining the contractual arrangements at each stage of the supply chain. It analyses why seemingly similar grades of crude oil can command vastly different prices and explains in detail the strategic and operational hedging policy judgements that have to be made, including the instruments and the tactical challenges faced by industry buyers and sellers, hedgers and speculators.

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A splendid book from the UK's leading expert on oil trading. Liz Bossley writes in a manner that will appeal to both industry experts and to those without prior subject knowledge. --Colin Bryce, Co-Chief of Commodities and Head of Europe Institutional Sales & Trading, Morgan Stanley.

From the molecular structure of Paraffins through to hedging cargoes, this book must rank as one of the major treatise on understanding the supply chain and the complexities of oil trading in todays markets. It should become a standard reference work. --Crispian McCredie Former Publisher and Managing Director, The Petroleum Economist.

A readable and enjoyable book on a complex subject by someone who has been a pioneer in the world of oil trading from the late 70s and early 80s; a period that saw the entire world of oil trading transformed and created anew. Liz's experience as a trader, a thought leader, a corporate player and a financial player is what has allowed her to crystalize into a simple but thorough guide on oil trading that is understandable to all; professionals and interested non-professionals alike. --Dr Joseph A. Stanislaw, Independent Senior Advisor, Energy & Sustainability, Deloitte LLP, Co-author of The Commanding Heights and Founder of the JA Stanislaw Group

About the Author:

Liz has a 30 year career in international energy markets, spanning trading and marketing, management of marketing departments and extensive experience of negotiating transportation, lifting and joint venture agreements. Her theatres of experience include the UK, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch sectors of the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean market and the Far East. She began her career at the British National Oil Corporation trading state participation, royalty and equity oil on behalf of the British Government. After a brief spell in the City of London as an oil analyst, she joined Enterprise Oil plc as Head of Marketing, where she was responsible for selling the group's crude oil and related products, amounting to 10% of total UK North Sea production. She set up the Consilience Energy Advisory Group Ltd in 1999.

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