Geoff Pettit A Drop in the Ocean

ISBN 13: 9780956298416

A Drop in the Ocean

9780956298416: A Drop in the Ocean

Drop in the Ocean is a sailing book for anyone who just might be tempted to turn their dreams of distant horizons and exotic landfalls into reality. This is true story of an amateur sailor's 12,000-mile voyage around the North Atlantic, much of it alone, surviving on adrenalin, luck and occasional good judgement. After thirty years of sitting behind a desk in both England and Norway the author sets out to realise an old sailing dream of circumnavigating the globe alone. Most dreams are designed, of course, to be just that and following early humiliation and near disaster in the North Sea the author finally settles on a more realistic yet still personally daunting project, to complete an Atlantic Circuit. He sails alone from his hometown, Stavanger on the west coast of Norway and hoping to avoid the shipping hazards of the southern North Sea sets a course instead for the Outer Hebrides and the west coast of Ireland. A real life adventure story, as far from the hullabaloo and professionalism of modern sailing as it is possible to get while still relying on a gps, autopilot and short wave radio, a Drop in the Ocean is a record of an ordinary man's desire to go and see for himself what the ocean is like, and learn to appreciate, as only a witness can, the sacrifices of those that have gone before.

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