Peter Asher Lyrical Mallards

ISBN 13: 9780956328243

Lyrical Mallards

9780956328243: Lyrical Mallards

Dr Lancival Ratatok is a squirrel, not only a squirrel, but a doctor squirrel. In the tradition of Ratatoks one of his twin sons, Ransid, is dustman, the other, Lochran, is a postman, but Lochran is also a rather fine poet and an object of amour for the ladies.
In a highly inventive and unusual book Peter Asher offers, in Lyrical Mallards, a set of squirrel stories like no other. A Walter Potter assembly of animals assist the Ratatoks as they negotiate unicorns, the Wood Cup football competition, poetry and drug dealing hares amongst many other trials that come along in the average squirrel's day.
Told in a highly inventive and amusing style, if a challenge in language is your thing then Lyrical Mallards will add to you lexicon.

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About the Author:

More poet than prose writer - the first book, Waiting For Pat, had to be written. The second, Lyrical Mallards, was written.
It's solely down to Austin Macauley for the two books, and Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd, for the poetry, that my work saw some kind of light at the tunnel's ending.

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