Fox, Charlie The Energy Arts

ISBN 13: 9780956499776

The Energy Arts

9780956499776: The Energy Arts

The Energy Arts Holistic Energy/Meditation/Breathing For Health/Martial arts/Life. The energy arts techniques are based upon un-complex ancient teachings which have since been adopted and complicated by belief systems, commercialisation and other traditions and limited to techniques rather than the founding principles of: of : Taoist breathing Qi Gong Yogic breathing The energy arts taught are non mystical. This means is not attached to a belief system.Whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, humanist, wiccan, taoist etc . . .If you are human this will work. It is Technique. It is Not: -A life improvement course. -Finding out who you are. -A cult. It most likely Will improve your life and help you find youself but thats incidental to the meditation. It just Happens as a result of practice. It is Not Supernatural in any sense. This is learning harnessing and more consciously directing Natural processes of the body.

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About the Author:

Charlie Fox is an author, martial artist and energy artist from Nottingham UK

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