The World of the Tahawy Bedouin and Their Purebred Arabian Horses

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9780956708151: The World of the Tahawy Bedouin and Their Purebred Arabian Horses

The Tahawy Bedouin have been famed breeders of pure-bred Arabian horses for centuries. Part of the great tribe of Banu Sulaym, they roamed the Nejd of the Arabian peninsula until a wave of tribal migration nearly a millennia ago took them through the Levant and North Africa until they settled in their present homeland: Sharqiya and the Salihiya desert region of Lower Egypt. The Tahawy's horses have been an integral part of their history, their lives dependent on the strength, stamina and courage of their steeds. The heritage of Bedouin breeding - by tribes such as the Tahawy, Anaze, Sab'aa, Fed'aan, Shammar, Tai, Rualla - was and still is the basis of all pure desert-bred Arab horses. The descendants of the famed horses of Abbas Pasha, the bloodlines in state and private studs around the world would not exist were it not for these desert-bred horses. This work contains original pedigrees from the 1880s onwards, in Arabic and English, as well as many hitherto unpublished and rare photographs, and first-hand accounts by the Tahawy Sheikhs and their descendants. With unique research and images, bloodlines and memorabilia, the story is brought right up to date with contemporary pictures, making the work a timely and invaluable record for enthusiasts of the Arab horse and other noble desert beasts as well as of appeal to historians and anthropologists and those with an interest in the rich cultural heritage of the Arab world.

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