Coleman, Martin The Greedy Crocodile

ISBN 13: 9780957043541

The Greedy Crocodile

9780957043541: The Greedy Crocodile

There is nothing The Greedy Crocodile likes more than a few tasty children in his stew. He doesn't care about upsetting all the mothers, especially once he's added salt and pepper! Something needs to be done and fast, so the mums hatch a clever plan and invite the crocodile and all his friends for tea. Later, they serve up confectionary 'children' and The Greedy Crocodile realises he prefers these to real ones 'made of meat'! Although his new eating habits cause him to become spotty, bloated and lose his teeth, at least the children are safe and the mothers can relax.

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About the Author:

Martin Coleman is a father of four who, following a thirty year career in entertainment published his first children's book & DVD, 'The King's Panto' in 2011. This title was released as an eBook and enhanced iBook in 2012, followed soon after by his second book, The Greedy Crocodile. Martin lives in Wiltshire with his wife and two youngest children.

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