Dean Lilleyman Billy and the Devil

ISBN 13: 9780957505100

Billy and the Devil

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9780957505100: Billy and the Devil

Billy and the Devil is a shocking and intimate portrayal of isolation, sexual misadventure, and addiction. Told in a series of unflinching episodes, either first-hand or through the eyes of others, this is a journey to a place of no return. But what choice does Billy have?

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About the Author:

In 2002, Dean Lilleyman, drunk, left a warehouse job and went home. He stayed at home for six months and got sober. Then he went to college to get some qualifications (at the age of 35) where he read Raymond Carver and started writing short stories. By 2013, he'd won several awards for his writing, been awarded an MA scholarship, written a novel, and lectured in creative writing at a university. He now writes full time. His first novel is called Billy and the Devil. He is currently working on his second, whilst rebuilding a house, talking to cats, and tending to his chickens.


"This is wild stuff, very dark and very brilliant." - Conor O'Callaghan, author "Put it this way, a great novel doesn't end after you have read the last page. It reaches out after publication and plants its own mythology in the world. This is the highest achievement of Lilleyman's debut. I recommend: read this book." - Interrobang Arts Magazine "Brilliantly evoked in all its sordid detail, black humour, demented courage, and alienation." - Jane Rogers, author of Mr Wroe's Virgins and Promised Lands "Billy and the Devil is a completely convincing character study. Said Billy is a laugh, a tart, a drunk, and more. Dean Lilleyman uses various writerly and unmannerly techniques to show us the many ages and faces of his loveable and detestable anti-hero. The book is tender, funny, sad and grotesque - but however gruelling Billy's descent becomes, it bleeds its own dark poetry. Here, dirty realism has left Los Angeles for Chesterfield, where it finds itself at a garden barbeque drinking Leibfraumilch and barley wine. Terrific." - Matthew Clegg, author of West North East

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