Jack POTOLO: The Star of the Tenth Moon (Volume 1)

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9780957517752: Jack POTOLO: The Star of the Tenth Moon (Volume 1)

Jack POTOLO - The Star of the Tenth Moon - is the first installment of the YA Fantasy Fiction Books Trilogy that narrates Jack POTOLO’s amazing action packed adventures, romance and intrigues from Africa to a star far, far away... Volume 1: Eighteen-year-old Jack survives a deadly ambush but is injured. He wakes up to find that his parents are dead and re-named Potolo after a heavenly star attributed to the Dogons’ tribe cosmology. A momentous destiny is revealed set against the mysteriously savage yet highly enthralling African backdrop. He is also entrusted by his deceased parents’ testament to embark on a quest to discover the final evidence of an ancient extra-terrestrial visitation connected to the Dogon’s incredible esoteric knowledge of astronomy with extraordinary consequences. Find out how beautiful Fayola stole his heart and follow his mission being thwarted at every turn by the machinations of Bandaga the evil shaman and other dark forces...

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About the Author:

Lucy Ann Boutaleb was born in Reading, Berkshire England and educated at Shaw House, Newberry. She now lives in Kent, England with her husband Bob who is also a published author. After a successful entrepreneurial and copywriting career, she now devotes her time into writing. Lucy is the author of numerous articles covering a wide range of subjects. Her latest work follows the success of her best seller entitled “My Past Shadows of Fear” – Missing Presumed Dead!

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