Space Shuttle a Photographic Journey 1981-2011

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9780957550704: Space Shuttle a Photographic Journey 1981-2011

Commemorating 30 years of space shuttle exploration, this beautifully crafted photography book comprises some of the most breath-taking and awe-inspiring NASA images ever to be published in one impressive collection. From launch to landing, this First Edition of only 1981 copies worldwide (NOT Individually Numbered) is a spectacular piece of photographic history you will want to revisit time and time again. This stunning piece of work commemorates 30 years of manned space flight aboard an American treasure, a world phenomenon and arguably, the most technologically advanced vehicle ever made - The NASA space shuttle. This book pays tribute to the 5 space worthy orbiters built by NASA: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour, and exhibits them in some of the most amazing images you will ever see, carefully chosen from a selection of some of NASA's greatest shuttle mission. From the dangerous launch sequence to some of the most vivid mission photographs, such as space walks, extraordinary astronaut maintenance work, docking with the International Space Station and more. The photographs are presented beautifully and displayed in a fashion which lets the images do the talking. Within the back of the book, you will find listed details on every single space shuttle mission flown, including launch dates, listed crew members for each mission, plus a fantastic gallery of all 135 mission patches.

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About the Author:

Author and Designer Luke Wesley Price is an accomplished Graphic Designer from London UK. He is creative Director of a UK based creative agency. His personal passion for America's fascinating space program is the driving force behind this stunning piece of work.

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