Sophie Rose Williamson Here Come the Girls

ISBN 13: 9780957563308

Here Come the Girls

9780957563308: Here Come the Girls

Amber has had her world torn apart and now she needs to go back to find out how to get past the hurt and torment of her husband and his mistress. Amber tells us her deepest thoughts and takes us on her journey with the added Irish humour of the author. Most Irish Authors are unique and brilliant in their writing style and Sophie is no exception. This story will take you on a roller coaster ride of humour, sadness and all the twists and turns Amber takes on her journey. Sophie Rose Williamson is the bestselling author of several chicklit books. She was brought up in Ireland. Sophie spent many years living on military bases worldwide. Her passions are gardening, writing, having dinner with friends and family. She is the mother of a couple of children whom she loves very much. Sophie was born in Ireland but has travelled extensively all over the world. She spent many years, working as a soldier, beauty therapist and freelance writer. She now resides in Kildare with her long-term partner and children.

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