Numerology, A Gift from the Gods

9780962503085: Numerology, A Gift from the Gods

Mr. Sterling has finally released his life changing book, “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods” a project that his followers have been praying he would complete. Mr. Sterling had been hesitant in allowing anyone access to this work until its contents were proven. One should not take this book lightly, it has been annualized to be 99.99% accurate. “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods” is not just some foolish work, and certainly it's not some foolish whim to laugh at. It can and will change one's life. Within its pages one finds the answers that unlocks all the mysteries in one's life. The technology in the work reaches back thousands of years to the beginning of what is called humankind began. So if you dare to know who you really are or if you have ever wondered where your future is going or if you wish to see how accurate “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods” has predicted your past and present, then “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods”is for you. If you have ever wondered why things in your life happen, or who is right for you or who isn't, then “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods” is for you. If you just want to know the secrets of others, then “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods”is for you. Since this work is only for the serious individual who has a real affection to learn, Mr. Sterling recommends you do not ever purchase “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods” unless you are that person; it's only for the person who truthfully has the urge to know the truth about one's self and who can handle the truth. “Numerology, A Gift from the Gods”is not a game and therefore it's not for the week minded.

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