Killers & Boosters for Child Custody Cases (Attitude Adjustment for Child Custody Litigants)

9780964022775: Killers & Boosters for Child Custody Cases (Attitude Adjustment for Child Custody Litigants)

1,328 Tips, Traps & Tricks. Advice is usually given by people without the real information or life experience, with the right intention at the wrong time. With this book you can take advice when you want it and are ready to hear it. You can act on what you have learned, mull it over or discard the advice all together without interference. This book will not allow you to give the other side power you might imagine but that they do not really have or let you allow others to diminish the importance you play in your children's lives. This book has been called 'Chicken Soup' for the Child Custody Case. It will help a lot and it certainly can't hurt.

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About the Author:

To date, Charlotte Hardwick has written seven books dealing with child custody. Her work brings a fresh view to the situations faced by children, parents, grandparents, stepparents and the people who care about them. Charlotte's ability to offer innovative new options for common problems as well as situation specific alternatives is a gift to those lost in pain, anger and defeat. Her personal custody success is eclipsed by the experience gained since 1992 in hands on research, and interaction with parents, attorneys, judges, psychologists, mediators, guidance counselors, law enforcement, activists, legislators and adult children of child custody disputes. The calming effect her books produce is as comforting as holding a friends hand. Many of the processes are explained in a step by step manner with many examples. The information is empowering and healing. Charlotte has been a frequent speaker at parents rights groups and professional business organizations. Human resource professionals are acutely aware of how a custody battle negatively affects an employee and can even reduce the production of other closely related employees with whom they interact. Charlottes work can shorten the time-line of the initial custody battle, reduce the costs considerably, and minimize the long term negative effects for the children, employee, family and employer.


I was handling my custody case like a diet. I would read a book and use that system until the results seemed too slow or complicated, then dive full into yet another(book). I was frustrated and exhausted. Custody Case Killers & Boosters, helped me use the positive points from all I have learned and even profit from my failures. Jim Newman Miami, FL

Now I spend less time in a panic because I know that I am not the first person to face these problems. Custody Case Killers & Boosters shows me that most of what I wanted to run from is easier to face. Tom Dewier near Ellis, KS

I carry Custody Case Killers & Boosters in my briefcase. I read it in low moments and feel recharged. It inspired me to overcome the negative thoughts I had been allowing myself to have. It reminded me of my gains and what is truly important in life. James Gourmand Billings, MT

Some of this information I already knew but hadnt considered in this situation. Most of this advice I had never heard at all. Until Custody Case Killers & Boosters made it clear I couldnt use any of it. I laughed, cried, nodded and puzzled as to why I hadnt seen most of this myself. Now the fog is cleared and I can proceed. Ralph Sprague Berkley, CA

I needed something to bring me back from the crushing lows and unreliable highs that have thrashed my emotions for the past two years. The sub-title, Attitude Adjustment for Custody Case Litigants, has given me a touchstone to reality and helped me with a real attitude adjustment. Clive Friedman Upper Sandusky, Ohio -- Publisher Comments

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