Dick Hyman's Century of Jazz Piano

9780966143409: Dick Hyman's Century of Jazz Piano

Let Dick Hyman take you on a thrilling musical journey to 52nd Street, the Cotton Club, Carnegie Hall, Chicago, Kansas City, a Ragtime Saloon, New Orleans' Storyville and other legendary jazz night spots! Years in the making, this outstanding CD-ROM is a complete and informative history of jazz piano, led by the masterful Dick Hyman, a virtuoso unparalleled in his versatility. Recorded by Hyman himself on a Disklavier in his Florida studio are 103 historically important songs that highlight the diverse styles of 60 of the most influential pianists of the last 100 years, such as Count Basie, Bix Beiderbecke, Eubie Blake, Dave Brubeck, Nat Cole, Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Art Tatum, McCoy Tyner, Fats Waller, and dozens more! This terrific reference tool includes extensive commentary and recollections by Hyman and some of the artists to whom he pays tribute, biographies, and extensive discographies of the original recordings recreated here. The Pro version includes two disks and features over 90 minutes of instructional video, with nine complete lessons, printable scores, a MIDI studio with all of the qualities of a "virtual player piano," and more!

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From Library Journal:

These two discs contain 103 tunes (five hours of music from more than 60 artists), 30 minutes of historic video, and 60 minutes of video lessons to tell the history and development of jazz piano. Disc 1 offers a choice of jazz venues/eras: 52nd St., Harlem, Carnegie Hall, Chicago, Ragtime, Greenwich Village, and Kansas City. Select a location or time period and get a choice of performers, including Eubie Blake, Count Basie, Teddy Wilson, Erroll Garner, Scott Joplin, Jellie Roll Morton, Mary Lou Williams, Duke Ellington, and Thelonious Monk. Each artist is represented by a brief biography, an analysis of their musical style and contributions to jazz, a discography, some musical samples, photographs, and sometimes a video of the artist performing. There are some historical essays on time periods, an excellent bibliography of secondary sources, and a MIDI studio, available only in the pro version, allows you to study every song note-by-note. Unfortunately, the list of tunes and artists is not hyperlinked. This needs to be corrected in future releases. Disc 2 requires more musical knowledge from the user: it's a series of lectures by Dick Hyman (although you pretty much only see his hands "lecturing") on Art Tatum, Boogie Woogie, Block Chords, Piano in the Rhythm Section, Bud Powell and Bebop, Earl Hines, Teddy Wilson, and Erroll Garner. The Bottom Line: This titleAespecially Disc 2Acould be improved by including more songs by the original artists (rather than rendered only by Hyman), but it will appeal to music and piano students. Recommended for public and school libraries.AEd Tallent, Research Instruction, Harvard Coll. Lib.
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