Kenita Siu EasyTalk (Japanese Edition)

ISBN 13: 9780966386905

EasyTalk (Japanese Edition)

9780966386905: EasyTalk (Japanese Edition)

EasyTalk is a fun, fast, and easy way for Japaneses to learn American idioms and slang. One thing that distinguishes this book is that the story is told through the eyes of Akiko, who has come to the US from Japan to learn English. EasyTalk had been selected by Japan Airlines as a value-added product to be sold to their club members. EasyTalk also made the best seller list in the English category in bookstores throughout Japan in year 2000. EasyTalk comes with a professionally recorded audio CD to illustrate the story and pronounication. EasyTalk is a survival kit for the US. It helps you to talk smart and look smart in the US. It is custom-made for Japanese students, business professionals, and immigrants who want to improve their survival English in the US. According to marketing research, there is strong demand for an intermediate level speech book for these groups. They wan t to expand their career opportunities and make more friends. However, most conversation books on the market are either too simple, too formal, or simply boring. This is an exceptional survival kit to enter the mainstream of American society. EasyTalk is fun, fast and easy way to learn trendy English!

EasyTalk is a complete self-study book. It teaches 400 frequently used idioms and slang. The stories and explanation are in English and Japanese. The book includes an audio CD recorded by professional voice coaches that demonstrates standard American English and tone of speech. Readers learn to speak as naturally as native speakers.

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About the Author:

Kenita Siu was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Los Angeles. Having experienced both cultural and language transitions from Asia to America, Ms. Siu offers unique insights of what a new English speaker might encounter in America. Her simplicity and sense of humor has made her writing a joy to read. Ms. Siu enjoys traveling and experiencing the facets of different cultures. Her travels to Japan and friendships with many Japanese newly arrived in the US inspired the creation of this book.

She was responsible for the production of ESL education software for the Japanese market. She was also in charge of content development for an Internet education company. Her experience in American and her research contributes to the success of this survival kit. Her writing not only attracts female students but also corporate employees in the U.S. They learn how to survive with confidence within the corporation. Picking up idioms is the first step to improve your relationships with people in work and social life. She believes that learning could be Fun , Easy and Practical.


EasyTalk will save you years of time and "experiments" to master all these idioms and slang by yourself. -- Chieko Goto, former student of English school in Tokyo

I highly recommend this as an entertaining and informative guide to American casual speech. -- Teresa Cortey, Ph.D., Chairman of Foreign Languages, Glendate College, California

It's a wonderful book --- valuable, funny and interesting. -- Barbara Abercrombie, Recipient of UCLA Outstanding Teacher Award

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