Shine! Inspirational Poetry with Companion Spoken Word CD

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9780967457932: Shine! Inspirational Poetry with Companion Spoken Word CD

SHINE!, is a multi-media book that contains inspirational poems by Tonya Marie Evans that you've grown to love along with a companion CD that embodies a unique blend of music and poetry. Each poem, performed with neosoul and tribal influences, is an inspirational invocation guaranteed to awaken your spirit. SHINE! encourages you to find that spark of greatness within you to SHINE! in life, to SHINE! in love, to SHINE! in adversity, and to SHINE! in celebration of your greatness!

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From the Author:

All aboard for SHINE!, the next stop on my poetic journey to encourage you to find your own shine. After many of my performances while on tour with my first book, Seasons of Her, many of you shared with me that hearing the voice of the poet who wrote the poems really allowed you to feel the emotion behind each word, each syllable, each sigh and each intonation. During the performances, you discovered that you received the words in person in a way that was distinctively different from the experience of reading the poetry with your own internal voice. You reported that both experiences -- reading and hearing the words -- gave you something unique and equally enjoyable. You found that you could not choose one medium over the other. You wanted both! It seemed that you reveled in the written word and the ability to linger over the lines, and at the same time you longed for the poet's voice to complete the sensory circle. Thus, SHINE! was born, the perfect blend of the written and spoken word.

I hope and trust that through this multimedia book you will tap into that essential spark of greatness within you. The CD contained in SHINE! is the type of music you can listen to in those quiet, reflective moments AND the music you can blaze when you are pushin' your jeep on the highway! So ease into your greatness and get ready to SHINE!

Peace & Poetry,
Tonya Marie

About the Author:

"Lawyer by day, Poet by Night"

Tonya Marie (author of Seasons of Her: a collection of poetry) is a performance poet with mass appeal. She returns to the literary world with a multimedia book that is sure to have heads simultaneously bobbing to the beat and pondering the insightful words of promise and encouragement.

During the day, Tonya Marie practices law in the areas of estate planning and entertainment. At night she melts mics with her poetic reveries.

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