101 Ways To Get Back At Your Teenagers

9780967670805: 101 Ways To Get Back At Your Teenagers

101 Ways To Get Back At Your Teenagers is a hilarious, light-hearted spoof of what parents of teenagers would REALLY like to do, just once, or twice, in their lifetime. It's filled with cartoons to make you roar with laughter and to help you not give up on the parenting job.

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About the Author:

Vicky Frechette is an "expert" in the art of parental tactile survival after having spent many years on the frontlines of various battlefields. She has been maimed, tortured, tormented and held captive for eons by four of the world's future leaders and the hope of mankind. Yet all was not lost! She survived, (well, physically, at least), to emerge humorously and give hope and sanity back to the world's P.O.Ts (Parents Of Teenagers). On a more serious note, (which none of us need), Vicky moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1969. Having spent her own teenage years as a "model offspring", she has no idea why such parental horrors would be thrust upon her. Having been born of an entrepreneurial spirit, Vicky has been a self-employed massage therapist since 1988 and a member of various networking groups. She was even named Mother of the Year by the Entrepreneurial Mother's Association in 1998. (If they only knew!) Vicky has been a single parent of four children-three boys and one girl-for the past eleven years, eight of which were spent parenting teenagers. She currently has four years, six months, three weeks, two days, twelve hours, ten minutes, and thirty-two seconds left to go. But hey, who's counting? And hopefully, she and all the other P.O.Ts of the world will make an exit of this stage of life laughing.

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