Web Design HTML Card (Tags, Style Sheets)

9780967826356: Web Design HTML Card (Tags, Style Sheets)

Detailed HTML quick reference guides with color-coded browser and standards compatibility. Both the HTML Card and HTML Foldouts show all tags for XHTML 1.1 (HTML 4.01) with their attributes and values. All style sheet properties are shown with their value syntax. Special characters, like copyright, typeset quotes, em-dash, or European language characters, are shown with their names, numeric codes, and where possible, keystroke shortcuts used in most Windows applications. A functional index lists all HTML and Style Sheet features by category.

The HTML Foldouts are larger print and fold smaller. Three foldouts are sold as one set: Tags, Styles, and Characters.

The HTML Card is dense as a phone book (same font in fact), with all tags and styles in the center-page-spread. Also includes a heavily annotated example, an HTML-to-XHTML checklist, URL part diagram, and a brief SSI reference.

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From the Publisher:

These references were never intended for beginners, they're for serious, working web designers. But it turns out many instructors use them in their classes and then are able to send their students off with a way to forestall the otherwise inevitable memory loss.

From the Author:

Disappointment inspired me to make these. I've always loved quick reference cheat-sheets but so many seemed incomplete, outdated, irrelevent, full of mistakes, or pandering to idle beginners. When I'm trying to remember something I need a quick, precise answer. When I'm trying to find a new way to do something I like seeing all the options laid out in one place.

Here then is the HTML quick reference I always wanted but could never find. I condensed what I thought was the most useful information from the Microsoft, Netscape and W3C web sites plus over a dozen HTML reference books into four pages. After some folks complained about the fine print I repackaged the most important parts into a set of three brochure-shaped foldouts. I hope you find them immensely useful.

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