Edward Strachar Genius Skills

ISBN 13: 9780972316828

Genius Skills

9780972316828: Genius Skills

If you want to fully utilize your mental capacity and once and for all end the tedious struggle of outdated learning strategies you were taught, and unwittingly reinforced throughout your life, the following information may be the most important career enhancing activity you do this year. * Become an influential focal point at company meetings and avoid the painfull or embarrassing feeling of not contributing as much as you know you can. * Identify and master stress to the degree that it can actually improve any performance type endeavor. * Learn the only proven way to end procrastination (finally, a real world method for getting started and staying on track for good. * Apply a comprehensive life improving plan that literally combines the power of your mental, physical, and spiritual being. These are just some of the skills that await you on 12 individual digitally mastered CD programs. These eleven lessons promise to teach you the same lessons of the most respected athletes, industry leaders, and teachers.

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About the Author:

Ed has achieved success across a wide range of different disciplines, hence his qualifications to show you how to do the same. He has studied, taught, and consulted in over 20 countries and has worked and consulted for many companies including IBM, DEC, and United Technologies Corp. Ed has trained people to read faster than previous world records and coaches top executives, has invented a silicon chip used by the US Armed Forces, NASA and NATO, and has helped Olympic athletes to improve personal bests.

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