Cisco Wireless Network Design Guide: Foundation for Cisco Wireless Design

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9780973379839: Cisco Wireless Network Design Guide: Foundation for Cisco Wireless Design

Cisco Wireless Design Fundamentals, teaches an effective methodology for wireless network planning and design. It is a reference guide that efficiently explains wireless principles, methodologies and technologies while serving as a practical design guide as well. That is accomplished using a real-world wireless case study as the framework along with a structured design methodology that teaches all phases of a wireless design project. The case study is of a fictitious financial services company that is implementing wireless at all offices around the country. The standard methodology for network design presented is used as a framework for planning, designing and implementing the wireless design. In the case study of the fictitious financial company, real-world issues and strategies are addressed. Using the structured methodology, readers learn to review client requirements, assess the current network, build the wireless infrastructure, recommend appropriate security and develop a management strategy. Readers will learn to develop a proof of concept strategy, make any modifications, and build a design proposal. Then the design is reviewed with the client to discuss how to implement the design using a structured implementation methodology. • Wireless Network Planning and Design • Network Assessment Essentials • Design and Performance Considerations • Detailed Access Point Selection Guide • Wireless Network Survey • Tech Notes Explain Wireless Concepts • Security and Network Management Strategies • Chapter Quizzes

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Shaun Hummel, is a Senior Network Engineer with 15+ years enterprise network planning, design and implementation experience. He has worked for various private and public companies in Canada and the United States improving infrastructure, security and network management.

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