John West Power of Lust

ISBN 13: 9780977006014

Power of Lust

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9780977006014: Power of Lust

The social, sexual and business adventures of a young Pole who arrives in a cargo ship to England and soon after finds his way to New York. Marilyn, heiress of a big conglomerate, discovers the cult of lust and bodily love that restores dignity to sex, and happiness to couples who do not keep lust and sex on the back burner. The erotic passages are exceptionally poetic and explicit. The story of the rise of Paul to the position of a multi-millionaire makes very good reading. His adventure in Moscow to get a slice of Russia’s privatized oil industry is thrilling. The moral debate on sex from the beginnings of human society that takes in history, religion and the establishment of secular states and education is excellently and attractively portrayed. The material is of great value for people interested in the social and psychological aspects of lust and its power to transform conjugal life, beset by quarrels, boredom and insecurity, to one of pleasure and adventure. It is a very interesting book for all adults.

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About the Author:

John West is a researcher on social changes. He has written on sex's role in shaping personality and decisions.

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