Konstantin Komarov Systema Manual

ISBN 13: 9780978104917

Systema Manual

9780978104917: Systema Manual

Practical and Fundamental Training Guide. In this book, Major Komarov skillfully presents each key Systema concept through: - Clear explanations - Step-by-step practice programs - Remarkable personal life chronicles Superbly informative and captivating, a true Systema operators manual.

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About the Author:

Major Konstantin Komarov is a PhD in Combat Psychology, a commander and pedagogue to military professionals, a highly experienced bodyguard, a mentor to troubled youth and a trainer to numerous Systema practitioners around the world. Konstantin is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough instructors of our time.


Never before has a book been written that goes into such depth into this ancient martial art. Major Komarov provides clear explanations of the concepts of Systema, breaks them down into step by step practice programs, all the while describing real life experiences. --Achille Currado

It is a great honour and privilege to get an advance peek at this monumental, definitive work. HARD-WON LESSONS FROM THE GREATEST TRUE LIFE ADVENTURE! --Scott Meredith

Reading this book reminds me of Konstantin giving a lecture: a thorough command of the subject matter, well organized chapters with superbly detailed lessons, plus excellent stories which support each bit of information. Here you have it all: A Systema master, who also has psychology of combat degree, plus he is a master instructor--He really knows how to teach this stuff. I particularly like that he gives instructions of exercises, with some details left to individual interpretation, but with an excellent explanation of the rationale and benefits of that particular exercise. This is a book that people will read over and over, now, and in the future, and they'll probably find meaningful tips that can only be discovered as the readers mature in their understanding of the universe that is Systema. Along with the book "Let Every Breath..." and the instructional videos, this really becomes part of a learning library for Systema practitioners of all levels. --Alberto Nacif, MD

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