Return of Spirit Oracle Cards

9780978304744: Return of Spirit Oracle Cards

44 Gold Gilded Cards plus guidebook

The Return of Spirit cards are the third deck in the best-selling series by Cheryl Lee Harnish. This set focuses on the personal, emotional, and daily challenges of life. The messages are three times longer than in the previous decks, providing in-depth detailed guidance and explanation. The booklet is now a paperback book in miniature size.

What hasn t changed is the incredible energy of the fractal art, the heart-filled connection with Spirit, the gold gilded card edges, and the exceptional quality and love that goes into each deck.

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About the Author:

Cheryl Lee Harnish is an author, artist, and intuitive, as well as a motivational speaker and teacher. She feels there is a serious need for honesty and humanness in spirituality today. You won t find any fluff and bubbles here, she states.

The only way to really help people through their lives is to start addressing the real issues of being human. It s time to do away with false pretenses that have been created about being spiritual.

Her dedication to being authentic about life has earned her the nickname, The Truth Fairy. Standing tall at only 1.5 meters (4 11 feet), this lively free spirit is empowering audiences around the world.

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