Merovingians: Past and Present Masters

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9780978317737: Merovingians: Past and Present Masters

"Mr. Baird has a real talent for spotting the blindingly obvious that most people miss." - Philip Gardiner; author of The Serpent Grail.

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson."- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Book Description

"The course of history and the history of any course teaching history are not even close to being connected due to the motivations of those who (of course) pay for the program. I hope to provide more than a history of dates or heroes who abused others or did well doing the bidding of elites. Those who sip tea and eat crumpets while young men show their mettle on the metal of other young men are not truly rich in what counts 'within'.

The Carolingian Dynasty is actually founded by a Merovingian illegitimate and the man known as Charlemagne is thus a continuation of the vile effluent which this family has had in spades. That is not to suggest that all members of this family are all bad. The likes of Jesus, Bertrand Russell and JFK are no easy group to marginalize.

I have attempted to open a window to view what is called PRE-history. Just before the era I focus upon in this book there was a city in Anatolia or present day Turkey before the Black Sea was created. Jacquetta Hawkes called it 'precociously' modern or advanced in her Atlas of Archaeology. This might easily be less advanced than the cities that were inundated in 5500 BC alongside the freshwater lake that we are now able to reach under the Black Sea. That area is central to what became the Iberian corporate ventures or the Phoenician Brotherhood. There is a great deal we do not know and may never know about the things known to ancient people and where we came from. Hopefully you will find your own creative juices flow as you travel this high road of speculative Imagineering based on current archaeology rather than accept the tenured propaganda of past history as written by and for Empire-builders." ~ Robert Bruce Baird

About the author:

"History is largely propaganda. Many scholars know that and it still goes on today; but the reasons for this social engineering and priestly manipulation or economic intrigues are known by few, if any. My books attempt to deconstruct the myths that are at the root of most of the problems we face in this life on Earth. All sciences come to bear in my work, and I am indebted to many who have made contributions to my effort and research. It is encouraging to hear them say they have benefited by learning the facts behind the myths. But all the facts are not known despite what some people want to believe. Hopefully, people will study and address the real issues we face. Fighting the good fight often means having to do some things we might rather not do. It is hard work but I love it."

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