Metaphors of the Feminine and Masculine - Discovering Your Personal Mythology

9780978688424: Metaphors of the Feminine and Masculine - Discovering Your Personal Mythology

Our sense of femininity and masculinity are shaped by both internal and external forces. Families, cultures and society have served to mold our personalities and perceptions. How well we relate to the characteristics assigned to our gender presents us with choices--do we conform and therefore fit into our group, or do we choose the route of individuality and risk alienation? As we embark upon our journey, we will discover the internal forces that shape the myths that we live by--our Personal Mythology, which is comprised of the various belief systems that guide our behaviors and impact our perceptual reality. Your journey will be guided by psychological theories of Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Alfred Adler and Otto Rank. By exploring personality development from Jung's theory, you will be prepared to explore the Greek goddesses and gods that can help us better understand the archetypal influences to our behaviors, helping us to be conscious when the patterns arise. This gives us the opportunity to stop the reactionary patterns and develop unique and individual responses that reflect the person that we are at the core. Feminine and masculine behaviors are defined by society and do not necessarily reflect our individuality. By discovering your personal mythology, you are empowered to update your worn out "roadmap," which will lead to greater happiness and well being.

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