How to Survive New York City for the Newcomer

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9780979270437: How to Survive New York City for the Newcomer

A book to reduce stress, loss of money, and culture shock for the newcomer to New York City. Also a great education for someone who is visiting the Big Apple. Language, customs, communication, transportation, housing, food, shopping... even dressing for the weather and finding public restrooms are included in this survivor's guide. Complete with websites, helpful advice, and encouragement, this book will surely help you to enjoy your transformation into living in the most exciting city on earth!

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About the Author:

Moving to New York with all she had in the world, having no friends or acquaintences to ease the burden, Torbert began her journey of adventure and risk taking. It is during this time that she learned all the reader is about to learn about life in the trenches in the toughest city in the world, by reputation, and the most exciting city on the earth. It gradually became obvious to Torbert that many newcomers struggled with the same issues and had the same questions she had. She wrote this primer to help make their transition easier. You will surely learn something new between these pages, not matter how long you have been in New York City.


BRAVO! The Author tells it like it is - with admiration and respect for the City. This is a helpful guide for a visitor or newcomer and will help in the transition from where you came to where you are. --Jacqueline Haag, Editor-in-chief, Mother's House Publishing

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