A Spiritual Famine: The Testing of Your Faith

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9780979421020: A Spiritual Famine: The Testing of Your Faith

Everyone needs to know the symptoms of spiritual scarcity and deprivation. They are not hard to recognize. When your prayers go up and seem to drop back down on top of your head; when the joy of the Lord is no longer your strength, but is instead an old memory; when you long for your relationship with the Lord to be like it once was; when you wonder what happened to the days when you just could not get enough of God's Word; or when it is a chore just to have a little talk with Jesus, you are in a spiritual famine. As peculiar as it sounds, we would definitely know it if we were physically starving, but would we know it if we were spiritually starving? There is no question that it is possible for us to blindly walk through severe spiritual famine in our lives, completely unaware of it. In this book, A Spiritual Famine: The Testing of Your Faith, we come to a place of understanding like never before. It takes us into that dark part of our hearts, where the true causes of our spiritual dryness can be discovered. As Laneen walks readers through the events that brought about spiritual famine in her life, you will discover what has caused it in your own life. More importantly though you will learn how, by looking into your own heart, you can break the cycle of spiritual famine. It is time to experience once again the abundance of God's spiritual rain and the joy of His presence!

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About the Author:

Laneen Anavah Haniah is a wife, mother, evangelist, and entrepreneur that lives in the Dallas, Texas area. She and her husband Emmanuel Haniah have been happily married for eight years and take great joy in raising seven children. Together they are overseers of Heart of Compassion Ministries, Inc. This ministry is designed to reach hurting and bound people with practical love and spiritual deliverance through the compassion of Yeshua (Jesus). They are especially focused on helping people build strong Godly families. Laneen has been born again and preaching the Gospel for over 10 years now. Evangelist Haniah believes that her testimony is her greatest weapon against Satan. After years of preparation in ministry, she and her husband are now sought after speakers for engagements and conferences, especially working together as a ministry team.

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