Combat Conditioning: Functional Exercises for Fitness and Combat Sports.

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9780981932002: Combat Conditioning: Functional Exercises for Fitness and Combat Sports.

All throughout the world you will see that animals in the wild are in far better shape than human beings. They are stronger, more flexible and have greater endurance. They do not push weights or train on mechanical devices. And how do these animals get into this kind of condition? They do it by working their own body weight. They have mastered their weight through stretching in all directions and from all angles. Animals also run, jump, climb and wrestle. If an athlete wants to get the most out of himself, it is a good idea to copy the way of the animal. Don't believe me? Think pushing and pulling heavy weights is better for fitness and for combat sports? I once believed the same. Then I met Karl Gotch, a 1948 Olympian who is revered as the "God of Pro Wrestling" in Japan. Before Karl taught anyone in Japan a single hold, the athlete had to get in condition. None of the exercises Karl teaches require weights, yet, at 75 years of age he has ungodly strength. As Karl is fond of saying, "Talk is cheap but money buys whiskey." It is one thing to say you know the truth and demand that others believe you. It is quite another to help someone discover the truth on his own. This book represents what Karl helped me find inside myself. By following the exercises and advice contained within Combat Conditioning, I achieved results in functional combat strength, endurance and flexibility that were not possible through any other method. Take fifteen minutes and see for yourself. Not an hour at a gym. Not two hours at a spa. Fifteen minutes, all alone, in the privacy of your home. Work on a few of these exercises. Give them all you have. See if you can do a hundred straight Hindu squats. Then 50-straight Hindu pushups. Then see if you can hold a back bridge for one minute with your nose in the floor. By the time you finish, I think you'll know what Karl means when he says, "You'll see Jesus Christ walking across the water."

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