Tony Boyer The Book of Rifle Accuracy

ISBN 13: 9780982678817

The Book of Rifle Accuracy

9780982678817: The Book of Rifle Accuracy

Author: Tony Boyer Publisher: Turk's Head, May 2010 Binding: Hardcover Welcome to the world of extreme rifle accuracy. There is great satisfaction in watching bullet after bullet pass through the same hole in a target regardless of environmental conditions...the ultimate goal of the accuracy shooter. In this book, Tony Boyer demonstrates how the shooter and his equipment can perform as close to that ideal as technology will allow. The techniques in this book have been learned and perfected over decades of competition and are sure to benefit benchrest shooters, handloaders and hunters. Become a better shooter and gain much more from any aspect of the shooting sports. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Tony Boyer is a living legend among benchrest shooters. He has competed against the world's top accuracy shooters for decades, winning 12 World Championships and earning the Shooter of the Year designation 11 times. Tony Boyer has been inducted into the prestigious United States Benchrest Hall of fame, and holds more points than any other competitor.

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