Evelyn C. Zumaya Affairs Valentino

ISBN 13: 9780982770955

Affairs Valentino

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9780982770955: Affairs Valentino

On August 23rd, 1926 silent film star Rudolph Valentino died unexpectedly at thirty one years of age. His sudden death caused mass hysteria among his throngs of fans. They were not the only ones to mourn. Valentino's close friend and business manager, George Ullman, was left to the task of settling the "Sheik's" affairs, both business and personal. As Ullman struggled to clear Valentino's $300,000 debt ($3 million by today's monetary standards), he found himself mired in a web of shady characters, antagonistic Valentino family members and power hungry movie moguls. Little did George Ullman know that his involvement in settling "Rudy's" business affairs would change his life forever.However Affairs Valentino is not only the story of George Ullman. Fifteen years in the making, author Evelyn Zumaya uncovered never before seen documents, business accounts and Ullman's lost personal memoir. This new information contributed to a drastically changed version of Rudolph Valentino' s life story than the one that is known today. Was he gay? Was he straight? Was he a brute or bookworm? Why did he really come to America? Zumaya answers these questions and more.Zumaya faced fierce opposition in bringing this book to publication. Risking her own safety and even death threats from Valentino cultists, Zumaya remained determined to share the true documented facts of Rudolph Valentino's story. 585 pages long, with 66 pages of references and 59 never before seen photos, the long-awaited Affairs Valentino has finally arrived to set the standard for authoritative Hollywood biography.

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