Ink, Paint & Tears... - the complete collection

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9780982775813: Ink, Paint & Tears... - the complete collection

Created by the dynamic brother and sister duo of Scott Sevener & Lori Sevener, Ink, Paint & Tears... is a fun, light-hearted comic strip featuring a colorful cast of characters ranging from a manic-depressive grasshopper, a talking muffin, and even a couple of regular, everyday people, too! A charming blend of wit and sarcasm runs wild as they pun their way through life, two panels at a time. Presented in their original, full-color glory, this collection features not only every single Ink, Paint & Tears... strip that ever appeared online, but also a handful of exclusive comics and artwork that have never before seen the light of day! Seriously, 4 out of 5 talking muffins won't shut up about how great this book is...

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About the Author:

Scott Sevener & Lori Sevener were brother and sister long before they ever started creating hilarious comic strips together, although whether they were nearly as funny growing up would be something that only their dog, Brandi, could ever answer ... but honestly, she's probably a little biased because she ended up starring in the strip anyways. For the sake of argument, though, let's just assume that they were both hilarious and wildly talented in their own respective fields from diapers to dreams about talking muffins and leave it at that. P.S. If you ever wanted to learn more about these mavericks of cartooning and humor in general, you could probably find them these days over at and Just saying...

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