Piano Improvisation : A Powerful Practical System

9780982802151: Piano Improvisation : A Powerful Practical System

by Frank Caruso. Have you ever wanted to learn piano improvisation but thought it was too hard? This piano book is for you. It demystifies music theory and how great improvisers never seem to hit wrong notes or run out of ideas for how to play the piano with interesting improvised solos. Are you a piano teacher with students wanting to understand piano chord progressions so they can "play the changes?" Here is a complete piano course, a logical sequence of piano lessons to learn music theory and develop muscle memory for correct fingering. This piano book is ideal for beginning to intermediate piano students and any other instrumentalists looking for a streamlined improvising technique that really works. It gets you past your fear so you develop muscle memory to have chords and scales at your fingertips. Learn How To: · Improvise keyboard solos effortlessly like the pros · Train your fingers to improvise with muscle memory · Develop piano improvising skill in all 12 keys with simple exercises · Learn left hand piano chords without knowing the bass clef · Analyze tunes to know correct scale notes for improvising · Improvise blues melodies using blues scales and chords · Play beautiful piano chords using a simple two-hand open voicing · Voice piano chords for accompaniment or solo performance · Create piano solos with chord tone patterns and scale patterns · Use keyboard fingering secrets to never run out of fingers · Overcome problems and achieve more playing speed on the piano · Quickly transpose pieces to an easier key · Employ the top techniques used by all good music improvisers · Use proper keyboard hovering technique for playing improvisations · Automatically start piano solos with the best finger · and much, much, more!

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