The Wooded King (Seeking Destiny) (Volume 1)

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9780984287482: The Wooded King (Seeking Destiny) (Volume 1)

Destiny Is Searching For Them... Wandering through the thick wintery forest Conall and Ethel thought they could go no further. Mindlessly, they walked through a gap in the trees, only to gaze upon a wide icy steam. They were not alone. A man with wild eyes stared piercingly back at Conall and Ethel. He pointed right at them. "Leave! You do not belong here. Go!" Before any of them had a chance to move or speak, the forest erupted with the sound of an explosive crash. They had no way of knowing all their lives were colliding with a destiny that had been searching for them.

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About the Author:

The Wooded King is my debut fictional work. The inspiration for the story came to me in a dream and has now come to life through the pages in this book. Originally from Oregon, I now live in Montana with my husband Tyler and my dog, Cash. In the busyness of life, I enjoy taking the time to write as an outlet for my creativity.

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