Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research, 1/2010: Rethinking the South Caucasus

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9780985210601: Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research, 1/2010: Rethinking the South Caucasus

The social sciences in the South Caucasus are politicized, marginalized, and institutionally weak. This is due to four factors: lack of professional training, lack of a professional community and widely accessible journals, low academic salaries, and a brain drain to local offices of international organizations. Local nationalisms preclude scholarly diversity and dissent. Western studies of the Caucasus are gradually shedding Orientalist preconceptions. Anthropologists in particular have done pioneering research in Georgia and Armenia, though less so in Azerbaijan. They speak the local languages and spend extended periods of time in the field. However, Western scholars are often excluded from local debates because their knowledge of Russian is poor. This issue presents research by young social scientists from the Caucasus in order to launch a debate with Russian-speaking colleagues. (All texts, unless otherwise noted, are in Russian.) **Articles: * "New Life in Old Boots. Making One's Home in a New Village after Collective Resettlement," Sevil Huseynova, Sergey Rumyantsev. * "'Show Me Respect.' Discourses about the Parallel Economy, Kinship, and Corruption in Caucasian Communities," Nona Shahnazarian, Robert Shahnazarian. * "The Feminization of Labor Migration from Georgia:The Case of Tianeti," Tamar Zurabishvili, Tinatin Zurabishvili (in English). * "The Text of Deportation and Trauma in Autobiographical Writing: The Diary of Arpenik Aleksanian," Elza-Bair Guchinova. * "'Reconstituting' Religion: Neo-Paganism in Armenia," Yulia Antonyan. * "Premarital Virginity: The Cultural Code of the Gender Order in Contemporary Armenia (The Case of Yerevan)," Anna Temkina. * "Anthropological Notes on a City that Survived an Earthquake," Gayane Shagoyan. * "Street Life in Tbilisi as a Factor of Male Socialization," Evgeniya Zakharova. **Interviews: "The Ethnographic Study of the Caucasus and Its Social Organization," Sergei Arutiunov in conversation with Alexander Formozov. * "The 'Wild West' in Azerbaijan: Notes on Late 1980s Soviet Ethnosociology," Viktor Karlov in conversation with Alexander Formozov. **Essays: * "Abkhazia: Amateur Cartography, Points of Reference, and Means of Assembly," Oksana Zaporozhets. * "Time, Forward!" Olga Brednikova. * "Between Adler and Gagra: The Border Matrix," Elena Nikiforova. * "An Essay about the Border," Nadia Nartova. * "Mimosas, Beaches, Mandarins, or One Year in the Life of the Russian-Abkhazian Border," Olga Tkach

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