Rev. Douglas Detert A Vast Simplicity

ISBN 13: 9780985442170

A Vast Simplicity

9780985442170: A Vast Simplicity

Although most have probably never heard of the Zion Faith Homes, what God did there is nothing short of amazing. Birthed through a unique convergence of the Holiness, Divine Healing, and Pentecostal movements that swept the U.S. in the first decade of the 20th Century, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Zion Faith Homes was extraordinary. For nearly a hundred years, thousands of pastors, missionaries, and ordinary people were drawn to the three unassuming white houses in Zion, Illinois, to seek the Lord. And they found Him! In this inconspicuous place, where Jesus was truly preeminent and the leaders were powerfully filled and led by the Holy Spirit, those who came to seek the Lord found Him in incredible ways. But more importantly, in the prophetic words of the key founder, what happened there was merely "a taste of something God is going to do in the Last Days." A Vast Simplicity recounts the testimony of men and women who experienced what it means to live in the simple, yet vast, wonder of having "just Jesus." But this book isn't just history. A Vast Simplicity will stir an insatiable hunger for Jesus - just Jesus - in believers today. It will challenge stale religion and impersonal head-knowledge. What you read in these pages may well stretch your understanding and your expectations of the Christian life. Be assured, "God is making Jesus available to His people now in the same way, and to the same degree. That is why this book has been written."

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